As of January 11, 2021, the DOT/FAA/Airlines have Banned Emotional Support Animals from domestic flights. If you wish to fly with your Emotional Support Animal, you will have to register it as a PET - and the fees can range anywhere from $65 to $150 -- per flight. There is generally a limit to the number of PETS that are allowed on any one flight - so MAKE sure you verify with the airlines to fly with your now considered "PET".

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USAR Life, Inc

By Donating to the USAR Life, Inc (a 501c3 company), we will use your funds to help the disabled and injured VETERANS to obtain a free registration with our company. Please join us in supporting those less fortunate. Thank you from the botton of our hearts.

Price $Variable Each
Certified Service Animal

Certified Level will give you the added comfort of knowing your DOG will be accepted by most business owners.

Price $100
4 Extra Years
(With this renewal your ID card will be valid for 5 years) - No Picture available

Add an extra 4 years onto your ID card so you do not have to renew each year. This will extend your ID card for an extra 4 years.

Add FOUR Year Below

Price $75
*NEW* Pink Vest

The PINK Vest will include either the SERVICE, CERTIFIED or THERAPY patch. You can also add a ROCKER if you want. (Tiny to XLarge)
Measure around chest behind the front legs.
Price $60   
Renewal for 2 Extra Years

(With this renewal your ID card will be valid for 3 years) - No Picture available

Add an extra 2 years onto your ID card so you do not have to renew each year. This will extend your ID card for an extra 2 years.

Add Two Years Below

Price $45
Additional Service Animal Card

The purchase of additionl ID cards may allow you to have an extra card to carry in your wallet or purse or in your car.

Many of our members like to have an added card just for those times when you loose one or leave it home. The extra card can also be stored in your animals vest.

Price $20
Service Animal KeyChain Cards

The Keychain is a small ID that fits on your keychain and announces your animal as either a Service or Therapy Animal.
Our phone number is on the front of the card.

Price $20
Service Animal Handler Card

Many members want to have a HANDLER card with their picture and name on it to show they are the handler of this Service/Therapy animal.

Price $20
Certificate ID Card

Our Certificate ID Card has your animal information on the front of the card and the Certificate of Registration on the back. These are hard plastic (PVC) cards just like your credit card. Rather than having the ADA information on the back of your card - now you can have the Certificate of Registration on your ID card.

Price $20
Service Animal Stickers (Vinyl)

Service Animal Stickers are exactly like the Patches in design except the stickers are printed on a vinyl paper and can be applied to almost any surface. They will fade if put in water, but are designed to last quite a while.
You will receive either the Service (RED) or Therapy (BLUE) depending on which type of animal you have.

Price $10 for 2
Service Deluxe Car Safety SeatBelt

****** N E W *******

The ultimate in protection and comfort. The Deluxe Car Safety Seatbelt offers a smooth, safe, comfortable road trip for you and your dog. This totally new design has been crash-tested in a DOT-approved facility. The safety seatbelt integrates smoothly with your vehicle's seat belt system. Strength-rated straps attach to a fully padded vest, with a breathable inner layer for optimal comfort. A handy walking leash attachment point makes it easy to transition to and from the car.
*** These Car SeatBelts are not available for smaller dogs (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, tiny dogs, TeaCups).
Size Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest and add 2 inches. Please refer to the size chart below for correct sizing.

Size   Chest Girth
MEDIUM 20 - 26 inches
LARGE 26 - 36 inches
X-LARGE 31 - 40 inches
XX-LARGE 40 - 48 inches

Price $75
Service Animal Harness

Service Animal Vest and Harness. This vest has a welded D-Ring and a nylon handle for better control over the movements of your dog. The straps are adjustable for better dog comfort.

Tiny and X-Small NOT AVAILABLE in Harnesses.

Medium = 19-25 inches
Large = 24-31 inches
X-Large = 28-30 inches
XX-Large = 30-42 inches

Price $75

Service Animal Patch

The Patches (Service / Therapy / Certified) are Embroidered with a glue back that will adhere to your vest or other cloth items. We recommend having your local cleaner sew it on to better secure it to the vest.

Price $10
Folding Service Animal Info Card

Info cards are designed to be folded, and if someone should question you regarding your Service Animal, you can hand them one of these cards. They explain the law, as well as what they can ask you as well as the law.
Price 5 for $5
Badge Holder & Lanyard

Ever need to travel? This Badge and Lanyard set allows you to put your Therapy or Service Animal ID card around your neck giving you hands free operation. A simple way to carry those necessary items around your neck.

Price $10
Service Animal Certificate

Need an extra certificate. This is useful with housing landlords, or other residence owners. You can also frame one of these certs and hang it on your wall to show your Certificate of Registration.

Price $5
Service Animal Vest

The Vest is colored RED for Service Animals and Blue for Therapy Animals. We have found it to be the best visible show to everyone that your animal is different, and having a vest on him/her reduces the number of Questions people may ask.

Price $60
Frame for Certificate

Put your Animal Certificate up on the wall and proudly show everyone that your amazing animal is highly trained to assist you with your condition. This frame will proudly display your cert for years to come.

Price $20
Service Animal Plaque

This wonderful plaque can be hung on the wall or placed on your table to show off your Service Animal registration. It is a great addition to any living room, and beautifully crafted.

Price $60

****** NEW *****

1 Extra Year Renewal

When you select this option you will get ONE extra year renewal for your SERVICE/THERAPY animal ID Card. This will give you 2 years total on your renewal process.




Price $20
Service Animal Door Hanger

These door hangers Service (on the Front) and Therapy (on the back) can be used in motels, hotels and other places that you may want to warn people about your animal. Don't let someone enter your room without warning them to be aware of your animal.

Price $5
Service Picture ID TAG

This dog tag has a picture of your ID card on the front and your contact information on the back. The tag is about the size of a quarter and are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life. If the information rubs off or gets scratched we will replace it free of charge

Price $30
Service Leash Wrap 5"

We do not have leashes. We have investigated many leashes and found that most are of very poor quality, made in China, and do not hold up under any wear and tear. Most have "Service Animal" painted on the leash - what is called silk screening.

Our Leash Wrap solves this problem It is sewn on with "Service animal" and it has Velcro on both sides. You simply wrap it around ANY leash and it will announce your dog's status. This means when one leash wears out, you simply remove the wrap and put it on a new one.

For people who have many leashes, this is a great addition, and versatile.

The small leash wrap is 5".

Price $20 (for 5 inch)
Service Leash Wrap 10"

Our 10 inch leash wrap is the same make as the smaller 5" - however, it is just a longer version, with bigger lettering.

The Large Leash Wrap is 10" long.

Price $30 (for 10 inch)
Service Dog Tag

These dog tags are stainless steel and are the same as the military ones used by the Armed Forces. The only one that fits the smaller dogs is the "Tiny". They are great for larger dogs that as the tag can take the daily wear and tear.
Price $25