As of January 11, 2021, the DOT/FAA/Airlines have Banned Emotional Support Animals from domestic flights. If you wish to fly with your Emotional Support Animal, you will have to register it as a PET - and the fees can range anywhere from $65 to $150 -- per flight. There is generally a limit to the number of PETS that are allowed on any one flight - so MAKE sure you verify with the airlines to fly with your now considered "PET".

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      The USARplus Mission Statement

      The United Service Animal Registry, USARplus, is committed to serving you, our customer, with accurate information regarding your rights and the laws of the Department of Justice, Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2008. As well as, professional database services to ensure secure and accurate registration of your qualified Service Animal. We provide quality identification material and the peace of mind necessary, in today's world, to function within the general public without constant discrimination or challenge.

      USARplus stands firm on sound business practices and upholds high ethical standards, keeping the accuracy of our information, the quality of our service, and customer satisfaction our number one priority.

      Our goal is to make the experience of registering your Service Animal friendly and successful.

      Thank you for your patronage.

          A Note About FAKE Certificates
          Opinion by David Corthell
          First, let us say that we are not "FAKE", and do not provide fake registration cards. Our members are certainly not fake. Our members have serious issues - medical issues - emotional issues, and they need help. We know - We are disabled - live each day with medical problems and go through each and every day with a service animal by our side. That is why we got into this business 10+ years ago.

          However, there is a company out on the Internet, that says our company and 19 - yes NINETEEN - other companies, like us, are "FAKE". They make reference to "BE WARNED: when you see a fake certification, it is a STRONG indication that the dog is not a legitmate service dog." Easy for them to say. They contend that you do not need an ID card - nor do you need to have a vest for your animal. They are correct. You do not need anything we sell. They would state that only "fake" companies sell these types of cards. And they would further contend that the actions of the animal ALONE show that it is a service animal. While that is all well and good, and we agree service animals should act responsible - under control - and behaved - business owners just don't care about that. They want proof that the dog is in fact a service animal. And NO - they won't just take your word for it - or see that the dog is well behaved - and let you into the store.

          But please, let us repeat - You do not need anything we sell. We see our product as a "TOOL". The tool is used for assisting you to expain to the business owner or the restaurant owner - or the AIRLINES - or that apartment complex manager - "Your dog is a Service Animal." The tool, in our case, is a card that has your dogs picture on it. It makes talking to the business owner easier. Maybe so - maybe not. But here again - it's a tool. We all purchase tools in our daily life events. It is a simple fact - you do not need that HAMMER to pound in the nail. You could use a stick - or your finger - or the palm of your hand. The tool (Hammer) is just an easier way to pound in that nail. And it would save the pain on your hand.

          We laughed about pulling out nails from a piece of wood. You don't need that claw hammer to pull it out - you could use your fingernails. But I personally wouldn't like the end result very much.

          Second, read what the people say on the internet about "companies that are scamming people" - about the "fake certificates" - and the fact that 19 of us are all frauds. Make up your own mind. Believe them - if you want, or believe the fact that this company "USARPLUS.COM" will answer the phone when you call. We will do everything in our power to help you - to talk with that apartment manager - that business owner - that restaurant owner - and help you solve your problem. CAN YOU CALL THE COMPANY THAT SAYS WE ARE FAKES? Rest assured they don't have their phone number listed anywhere - and they don't identify who they are. Our opinion is if you are afraid to put your phone number on your web site - or are afraid to use your own name in a "contact us" page, then it is obvious that you have something to hide - or are afraid to stand up for what you believe.

          You can call us - you can email us - we will email you back - we'll answer the phone - we'll return your call - WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU! - Ask your self the question - will they?

          We are:

          Carol and David

About USARplus

      USARplus was started in January of 2006. David Corthell noticed the difficulties surrounding his attempts to exercise his rights under the Department of Justice, Americans With Disabilities Act, when attempting to bring his Service Animal, Kokopelli, into public areas with him. He decided to create a system which would allow him to educate and notify those around him of his need for a Service Animal, without having to go through the embarrassment of being challenged and questioned regarding his personal and private condition. After only a few short weeks USARplus had taken off and was being recognized by dozens of people just like him; people with disabilities and difficulties in exercising their federally protected rights.

      Now, years later, USARplus continues to grow and develop relationships with a wide variety of disabled individuals who have had great success in mitigating the conflicts that had once plagued them when they attempted to go about their everyday routines.

      While education is still a very important necessity for business owners and employees, there is no doubt that having a registration with USARplus and being able to present valid identification of their Service Animal has made life increasingly tolerable for people who would otherwise have felt discriminated against and embarrassment because of their disabilities.

      Though the federal law states that specific certification or proof of training is not required to validate a qualified Service Animal, it certainly eases their use in public areas, buildings, and businesses.

      Individuals with the USARplus registration and identification cards can travel safely and securely without the fear of additional fees when bringing their Service Animals:


        on planes,

        in hotels rooms, and

        to live with them in their own housing community or apartments.

      This means that they are able to have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, without needless persecution or resistance.

      USARplus is dedicated to ensuring that your privacy is kept secure and confidential. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

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    Please refer to our "Security Policies" by Clicking here. This page will let you read how private we consider your information. We do not retain your Credit Card information, and never give your information to any organization - either internal or external. Please read our discussion regarding our effort to keep your infomation completely private. We also carry the "COMODO" Seal of Security, as well as WebTrust@ website or the Truste@ website.

      The product you are ordering is "Customized" to your animal with critical information for that animal only. As a result, we cannot "resell" the product if it is returned. Once you have purchased the product and it has been delivered, you agree to a NO CHARGEBACK rule. USARplus ( will do everything in its power to make you happy - we will reprint or resend the product should you not get delivery.

      We stand behind our products, and if we make a mistake on your order we will reship replacements. However, it is important that you review your order carefully yourself to ensure that you didn't make any spelling or date mistakes as we cannot provide refunds for your ID cards once they are made and shipped.

      We follow the Return and Reprint policies as stated by Amazon. We will reship your order, if you don't receive it, within the first 90 (ninety) days. After the 90 day period has expired, there will be a $25.00 reprint fee. All of our orders are shipped with USPS tracking, and that tracking number is emailed to you when your package is shipped. If you do not notify us within 90 days that you have not received your package, then the reprint fee may apply. We cannot be responsible for any package shipped over 1 year.

      Refunds will only be honored in the first 72 hours (3 Business days/hours) of the order process date and time. After 72 hours, we will issue a "store credit" only. Due to our financial institution limitations, we are not allow to refund money after a three day period.

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