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      The Story of Kokopelli ~ Part Three


      It's a Thursday, and I have a need to write. Yes, one of the other interests I have in life is to write. I've completed 3 books, although I've not been published. Writing is not the hard part. The business aspect of getting a book published is the hard part. I've heard that over 1 million books get written each year, and with so few publishing houses, that's a lot of "slush" to weed through.

      I thought today, I'd explain why KoKo has his name. He's a great Service Animal. He is more attentive to me now, and the bond we share is incredible. Oh, trust me, he pushes the envelope every chance he can - wanting to go out - just so he can get a treat, barking at anything that moves outside - just so he can get attention, but there's another side to his abilities.

      Each night around 9:30, he starts pushing me - scratching his foot on the floor, growling just softly enough so I hear him - but not that I think he's crossed the line, and going to the outside door. He's no doubt telling me that it's time to take him out for the last time this evening, and then - "let's go to bed." Sometimes, I tell him it's not time yet, but for the most part I realize he's just doing his job, and I "obey" his request.

      We go outside and walk around for a bit, then it's back in - of course a treat is in order - and then it's bedtime. He runs in to the bedroom, jumps up on the bed, and waits patiently for me. When I finally get in bed, he comes up to the head of the bed, rolls around a bit and wants his belly scratched. It seems that gives him much pleasure. We lay there, me scratching his chest and I tell him all about my day. He listens intently, sometimes licking my hand when he feels me being stressed out about the events of the day, but for the most part, he's just a good listener.

      After several minutes of being close, he rolls over - snuggles down into the covers, and drifts off. our day together seems to always end this way, whether we are at home or on the road. It's that 5 minutes of being close, rubbing his chest, and feeling the connection between the two of us.

      I must add that KoKo is a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier for those that want to be technical). He's just over 5 pounds, and he's small enough to be up by my head - without taking up the whole bed. I know there are some that like big dogs - those that take a whole side of the bed, but KoKo is just a little thing.

      Anyway, I was going to tell you about his name. Several years ago, while doing research for a book, I started looking at Native American things. I was astounded by the way our fore-fathers treated the Native Americans. (But that's another story). In my research, I came across a myth - a character that was suppose to be a cross between god and human - and the stories were passed down from generation to generation about this spirit that traveled from Mexico to Utah, back some 5 thousand years ago selling his wares, and playing his flute. He was hunch-backed, and so the legend goes, 9 months after he left a village, many little babies arrived. When he arrived in the village, it was time for celebration, and apparently time for merriment.

      So, his name - KoKopelli. Many of you might recognize Kokopelli as the hunchbacked flute player, symbol of fertility, trickster, good luck charm, or just a general symbol of mysticism and wonderment in Native American lore. To many, including us, Kokopelli is also a symbol of play and whimsy -- of having fun and being free!

      I liked the name - I liked the character - I have always had that attitude of "play and whimsy." So, when the puppy Yorkie arrived in my arms, that moment when we where walking out of the store where I purchased him, I could think of no other name. I said, "Well, KoKopelli, it seems that you have a home and a family - and I have someone to keep me healthy. I'm up to the task of caring for you - if you're up to the task of caring for me."

      It's been 5 years now, and KoKo is still with me. He's taking his "morning nap" right now, but soon he'll come wandering out - looking to get in my lap and have some attention given to him. I enjoy this time alone, when I can write, think about things - but I know as soon as he comes to find me, I'll feel that genuine peace he gives me. I know he's looking after me, and I am very thankful he's in my life.

      Thank you for reading my story. I know you have much to do these days, with the economy being a roll-a-coaster and life seemingly being harder to keep up with, I know and appreciate your taking these few minutes to read my stories. Thanks for being apart of my extended family.


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